Sunday, April 10, 2011

WrongFitmentCrew @ Eurowise Spring Meet

This event was a huge success!! Great turnout and beautiful people and cars everywhere. Weather was a little up and down, but it was cool for th most part. Hearing engines roaring on the dyno every now and then made everyone smile. Parking lots full of cars, not to mention the street as well. There was so much of a selection that we didn't get to capture everything there. We want to say sorry if we missed yah and thanks for all you support!!

So our videographer Ceda, wasn't able to make the show, the rest of the members were able to though. So we decided to borrow his equipment to record footage of the event at Eurowise this past weekend. Keep in mind this was our first time shooting video and my first time editing whatsoever. We hope y'all can bear with us and enjoy this video.

We wanna thank everyone making this event possible. Ryan for putting the event together. Mike at Eurowise for allowing the event to take place there. WrongfitmentCrew Members that came and supported the movement. And ofcourse the spectators and guest who made this event such a blast! Photo coverage will be up soon!

-Rett for StancedLyfe

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