About SL

"First time blogger. Really just testing the waters. I hope to be able to get alot of readers and frequent subscribers. I'll make my Webpage as interesting as i possibly can. Will be adding more soon. I'll have video features and interviews and all that good stuff."

How SL started
It all started with just one person goofing around with a blog. StancedLyfe soon became a group effort thing and now we are known by many local organizations and teams. We have become a known media group and provided full event coverages including video and photos. Although many people may not know our faces, we still have dedicated readers and supporters.

This all about the Stance and fitted cars. This webpage will cover many Stanced cars and have full event coverages. If you feel like you have what it takes to be featured, please feel free to e-mail at Stancedlyfe@yahoo.com. Its not all about what kind of car you have, its about kind of personality it has. We will focus on the car, but we'll also cover the owner as well. We want hear your stories and experiences.

- Stanced Lyfe Media Crew