Okay for some of you out there that do not know anything about the Stance'd and flush scene, I'll explain. Let me dumb it down real quick.

Flush: When the wheel is lined up with the fender. Hence sitting flush.

Offset: How much the wheel sinks in or pokes out. The lower the offset the more the it will sit past the fender.

Stanced: A slammed car on wide, low-offset wheels. Has to be somewhat drivable. Very little to no wheel gap.

Hellaflush: Frame Scrapin', Cambered Wheels, and worn sidewalls from rubbing. Absolutely no wheel gap.

Have you ever see a car and go, "Wow, thats a nice car, but it's missing something." You know that something is missing, but you don't know what it is. Its probably because it has a bad case of sunken-wheels. I'll demonstrate.

You see how the wheels are not sittng flush/even with the fender? Hard to explain.
I'll show you another picture. Pay attention to the wheels.

Do you see a difference? To achieve a stance like this, you need to be lower the car some. No need to drop it super low but low enough to not have any gap between the fender and the wheel.
Next thing you do is find a set of wheels with a nice low offset. Low offset means it pushes the wheel further out past the fender. But its not as simple as putting the wheels on and, Viola, your flush. There's more to it. Doing this is no walk in the park. Your gonna have to do some work! Fender rolling/pulling/shaving in order to get these wheels to fit.
After achieving a flush wheel setup, other enthusiasts take it up a notch and get more aggressive. Aggressive you may ask? Getting aggressively super low offset and really wide wheels. People start buying wheels that don't fit. There is always a way to get it to fit. Running negative camber isn't a necessity, but in the flush game, you need camber to fit aggressive wheels. The more camber, the more props. People commend you for running negative camber because the rate of tire wear increases. Driving like that means you got some money!!!

Well thats the basis to have a stanced cars. If you have any questions, feel free to hit me up.

-Stance'd Lyfe