Saturday, January 22, 2011

Wise Guys Drift

Not many people know this, but Wisdom comes with drifting. Of course, you only become wiser with your drift techniques. Derek Wise straight outta the "A"(Atlanta, for those of you who aren't street savvy), drifts as a hobby. When the drift track isn't enough, he drifts elsewhere. At night, when the streets get quiet and the city of ATL sleeps, Derek slides along the empty roads improving his drift swag. Your probably wondering, what kind of car does he drift with? Derek Wise's weapon of choice is a slammed, Jackson Racing supercharged, stance'd out Mazda Miata. Not only does he drift this monstrous beast, it's Daily Driven too. We interviewed Derek via the world wide web and here's what he had to say.

Photos taken by unknown source :?)

SL: "What inspired you to build a miata?"
Derek: "The inspiration behind the vehicle started because most people who drove miatas in GA were older men more of the keep it factory, or only do so much to it type. I was always a fan of them after a buddy back in high school had one and i loved it. Back then i was in a 240...figures hahaha. So i began doing some research on the cars and found a few better looking stanced ones in cali on a forum ( and said to myself there really are none here in Atlanta, so im gonna build one."

SL: "So hows the low life treatin' yah?"
Derek: "Living the slammed life is a life of its own, you get looked at by older people thinking "what on earth did they do that for?!" I love it, it also doesnt help to have a bud like Justin Butera, he loves the low life, so not lower...slamming your car is not an option. But like everyone else in Prime Auto, its what we love doing, so easy answer, i love the low life."

SL: "What got you into the fitted/hellaflush/stance'd lyfe?"
Derek: "I got into this whole scene like anyother dude bro, going to meets and bigger shows. There wasnt really a hellaflush/fitted scene in Atlanta for a while, and it took a while to catch on here. But id have to say i got into it by watching the scenes in Japan, and seeing other built and stanced cars here (mainly vw's, i dont think anyone does it harder.) SO yeah i baisically watched japan and germany and decided to take it to a miata."

SL: "Any future plans to the miata?"
Derek: "Ahh future plans, well the car was rear ended in November 2010, and sadly it was totaled, so im trying to cope with having to let the car go and parting it out, but I will be back in the game in no time with another miata, so you guys better keep your eyes open. Ill just let you in on some secrets, bigger power, better stance, more appealing colours, and some burnouts! hahahaha"

SL: Special Thanks
"Ive have had a lot of help with the car along the way, I have to give a big thanks to Prime Auto (Justin Butera, Sheldon Sales, Austin Johnson, those three probably have the most help in the actual car.) and all the guys in it. With out them my car would definitely not be where it is today, long nights plenty of beers and laughs helped it. I also wanna give a big thanks to any girlfriend i had at the time who put up with the drifting, building and shows i made them sit through. Over all the biggest thanks are to the readers, they keep everything going. And to the magazines, online or off, they help show everyone what we do in the scene!"

Derek, you are truly an artiste. We commend you on drifting your daily driver and riding that low. Keep doing what you do bro. Hopefully everything will be fixed before the season starts. We hope we get to see you at our first meet. whenever that is.


Bride Low Max seat
Nardi suede 330mm wheel
Harddog Track Bolt in Cage
RCI Platinum Edition 4 point harness
FLocked dash
Stripped interior.

Whats left of a Garage Vary Front Lip
Spec Miata front and rear Tow hooks
Stickers from everywhere
Autokonexion Duckbill Trunk Lip
Factory R package rear lip.

195/50-15 Kumho Ecsta AST tires,
15x8 0et XXR 522 wheels.

Full 94 1.8 liter swap including full rewiring of the car
Silverline exhaust
Jackson racing M45 supercharger with a smaller BR racing pulley for 8-10 pounds of boost
Ddm works cold air intake
koyorad radiator
Engine bay also has mild wire tuck, mild so that i can still find stuff when it breaks.


  1. Ahh Derek, what a cool guy lol

  2. sick car,sad it was totalled:[ miatas like this one are prime examples of why i want one